Sunday, March 19, 2006

Attention getter turns A-tension getter

Actually in my CS 5301 which we call English class in slang because its real name is too long to be used frequently, had an assignment of creating a presentation on Technical white paper about robot enhancements which we did as previous assignment. And in class the professor told us to start presentation with a joke or irony kind of ATTENSION getter to get the audience attention.
Here is what my ATTENSION getter was, I spoke that imagine its some 2025 AD and scientists have developed a complete robot. One of the Scientist called say, Dushyant Lad aimed to cut down the cost and resources for making many such robots created a male and a female robot and left them in a room or say forest for a night. What happened was the robots used their AI and strength of repeating jobs tirelessly and reproduced child robots at an exponential rate(because child robots also had AI inherited ), so he wanted the robot to crash, damn it. And alarm rings and its 8:00 am of 18th march, 2006 and it’s the day I have to present my white paper on how to prevent a robot crash, as future memory of unisexual robots.
This joke of mine was too much attention getter for the professor over the whole presentation, so that in end when I said “Any question”, nobody but the professor asked “Where did you get the idea?”. I had no option but to change the slide and show him the references. He asked “How?”. I told after reading these white paper and browsing these web sites I went to sleep and I had this dream.
But now even getting B grade is A-TENSION getter for me after this presentation, damn it.

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